Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hola Familia

Hola Familia!
The MTC has been crazy! it is literally non stop work. The Spirit is always so strong! We are on the west campus which is super nice! We get to stay in BYU student housing so that's nice. Our air conditioner is broken in our dorm so it's like 85 degrees at night so it's kind of sweaty but that's okay. :) We spend most of our time in the classroom learning Spanish. It can be kind of frustrating because the teacher will only speak Spanish. He goes slow and repeats things when you ask though so it's not too bad! I feel like I'm picking up a lot of stuff though! My companion is Elder Dunne. He is from Georgia, has 4 sisters and was home schooled. He is a way nice person and a little shy. He has less previous Spanish experience than me so it's kind of tough for us to share the gospel. Yesterday we taught our first investigator in Spanish! It was a struggle and definitely humbled us. So far we can pray and share our testimonies in Spanish and barely communicate otherwise. We are getting there though. :) On Thursday we were supposed to meet our branch president but he was gone so some other MTC trainers came in and talked to our district. (My district has three sets of elders and 2 sets of hermanas.) We each stood up and said where we are from, where we're going and a little bit about ourselves. Afterwards they asked me to be the District Leader. I'm stoked for this opportunity to serve my district. I am feeling a little overwhelmed but I love it here! I know it is where I am supposed to be! I love the gospel and I know that Jesus Christ lives. This experience at the MTC is definitely helping me deepen my conversion! I can't wait to get to Mexico and share the gospel with others! Love you all!
-Elder Stanger

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