Sunday, July 27, 2014

It's been a real good week

Hey guys! It's been a real good week. I don't really know what to say on here because I basically do the same thing every day. I'm loving it though! It's been such a weird experience being away from home. A lot of times I wake up and expect to be in my bed, but then I look up and the ceiling is like two feet away from my face. (Gotta love bunkbeds) haha At the MTC you have progressive investigators that are usually teachers, that you spend all your time preparing lessons for them. It's tough because a lot of times you know what you want to say but you just can't say it in Spanish! We've had some really rough lessons that you just walk out of and you feel like the worst, but then you remember that's what the MTC is for so it's okay. :) I sure miss you guys, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity to serve the Lord. The Spanish is coming and I'm having lots of fun. Our district is getting super close! I love those Elders and Hermanas! We have a good time and learn lots. Especially Elder Van Tassel and Huxford. They're our roomates and they're just like my buddies back home. And we're all going to Mexico City together! Love you all! Have a good week!

Thanks so much Dad! Love you lots!! I'm glad you guys are having fun. Mom is the best. I love all the dear elders and stuff. It makes my day. I'm glad you guys are doing good! I miss you. Thanks for always being a good example for me! Things get kind of crazy in the District sometimes! we're locked up in this tiny room for like 15 hours a day and sometimes everyone just wants to talk. So I just say necesitamos estudiar! and people start studying again. Haha I love these Elders and Hermanas so much! We're really good friends now and they know I love them so they're super respectful when I have to do district leader stuff like that. Have a good week at lava! Tell Jack and May I love them and to have a fun week at lava!

Madre!! Hey hope you're having a good time up in lava! I got your package yesterday! thanks so much! It was awesome! I miss lava. That's always such a good time hanging out with you guys! We have a pretty awesome family! Glad you're having a good time! I gotta figure out how to upload pictures on here and maybe I'll send some today! I don't even know what to say, we basically do the same thing everyday! Our district is getting pretty tight! They're all awesome elders and Hermanas! I'll send out a big group email though and talk more. I just love you guys though! I love getting your dear elders and letters and packages all the time. It doesn't even make me homesick! I just hope you're all doing good. I'm staying sooo busy. Elder Dunne is a character. He falls asleep in every study session haha it can be kind of tough but at the end of the day you just gotta say hey bud wake up we gotta work in a loving way. Haha I love it here. I trying my best to get better everyday.

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