Sunday, August 3, 2014

3 weeks in the MTC

Hola everybody!! It's been a real good week!! Pretty much just studying Spanish all day every day! Our district is getting really tight now! We had a really cool experience this week when the four hermanas in our zone asked for blessings from some of the Elders. It was a super cool experience for everyone and it brought us all really close. I'm so grateful for the priesthood! Our district has 11 people in it with 7 elders and 4 sisters. It's been super cool to get to know all these missionaries. The Spanish is tough but it's kind of starting to click. I'm always surprised when me and elder Dunne get into a lesson and we can communicate with a role play investigator! It's been awesome! Elder Van Tassell and Elder Huxford share a room with us, and we have a ton of fun! They're like the guys back home. I'm so blessed to be where I am right now! It's always nice to go to the temple on p days!! I'll try to send some pictures. We got a new district in our zone this week and it's weird because it feels like they're younger than us, but really it's only 6 weeks so everyones pretty much the same. Haha I'm so grateful for this opportunity to serve!
Elder Stanger

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