Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm in Mexico !!

August 25, 2014

I don't even know where to start!! This has been one of the longest-best-craziest weeks of my life! I'm in Mexico! What the....... Its not even close to South Weber. Well we flew out on Monday morning at 230 AM which was insane! The night before we didn't sleep because we weren't done packing! On the plane I taught this guy Carlos the first lesson in Spanglish and gave him a book of Mormon. He seemed pretty interested so that was cool! We got to the airport and met President Titensor and his wife. They're super nice and don't know Spanish very well so that's kind of nice haha. We slept in the mission home and met our trainers the next day. My trainer is Elder Mendez! He is from Tobasco and does not speak very much English! It's been super awesome though. I understand about half the stuff people say now, so that's cool. The first day it all sounded like straight Chinese! Haha. We were in a members house and this little kid was like "El no entiende nada!" talking about me, Which means "He doesn't understand anything." Which was accurate. It has gotten a lot better though. I love this so much though. The food is sooo good. We usually have one meal a day with members and it has been good every time. The mission rule is that you have to eat all the food which is a struggle. Hahah. Church was awesome this week! Its kind of funny when they sing hymns because Mexicans cant sing apparently. Haha They all just kind of pick their own tune and speed. I love it so much. We have a few investigators that are progressing. A big problem here is people living together and not being married. Also the roads are crazy! No lines, no rules! People go crazy! I kind of like it though. It's been so awesome! I really miss everyone at home, but I love it here too! This has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life and I am so excited for what is to come! Love you guys so much! I know that this church is true and the gospel of Jesus Christ truly was restored through Joseph Smith. It can be kind of sketchy here, but I know that I am in good hands and that I have angels watching over me everywhere I go.

Familia!! What the.... I have been in Mexico for a week! I miss you guys so much. Its crazy over here. I love it so much though!! This is unlike any other place I've ever been! its like Keisel times 20! Hahah Ill tell you more about what I've been up to in the group email. I just wanted to tell you guys that I love you so much. I think and pray about you every day. Man I wish that I spent more time at home during high school haha. Its weird, I usually never get homesick but now I just miss you so much! It's weird though because I really miss you guys tons but it doesn't distract me at all. Elder Mendez and I work really hard and i go to bed exhausted at night. I love it so much, I can't wait til I can communicate with the people more! We're in Xalpa (which is pronounced Halpa) and they haven't had a ton of success lately but we're trying! I love this work so much! I hope all is well! Are Jack and May in school today or next week? Aye yi yi they're getting so old! Jack and May you better write me and tell me how the first week is and how your teachers are. Mom and Dad how was Jack Johnson? I'm so jealous that sounds sweet! Right now I'm in a small house using a computer that I had to pay 30 pasos to use. I love you guys 30 pasos worth. Well I have like 30 emails to write back so I'll send you the group one too. You guys should just reply to this email and we can have a group family email! That would be sweet. This Sunday they had the primary program in church and it was the best. The ninos sang families can be together forever and it made me tear up haha what the fetch, am I grandma Joanne? well I love you lots, and I know that our family can be together forever through Heavenly Fathers Plan. That's the most important thing in my life, and it keeps me going everyday! Love you guys!

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