Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm a Mormon

It's interesting the things you do when you are missing your kid.  Today I googled Colton's name..... I found lots of cool stuff, sports scores and racing times, facebook, twitter and instagram.  Most of it, I had seen before, except this.  I am not sure when Colton posted it on,  it might have been for seminary, or church.  I'm not sure.  He never mentioned it to me..... But I think it's special, and thought You might too.  

Colton: high school, family, sports, missionary, Colton Stanger, football, Mormon.

Hi I'm Colton

About Me

I am the second oldest of 4 boys. I was born and raised in Utah where I have lived my whole life so far. As a kid I enjoyed playing almost all sports and being in the outdoors. Growing up, I have had a really good relationship with my family. Throughout most of junior high and high school I was involved in Student Body Office. In high school I played football, tennis, and ran track and cross-country. I took business oriented classes and I think I'm going into business in college. I am just about to graduate, and then I will leave on my LDS mission.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know that Jesus really did take upon himself the pains, afflictions, sicknesses, and temptations of all the people who ever lived. He did this so we can be forgiven of our sins and gain strength through Him. When I was nine my older brother passed away from brain cancer. It was really hard to understand why this would happen to my family. Growing up, I had learned at church that families can be together forever through Heavenly Father's plan. After much praying and reading of the Book of Mormon and Bible, I felt the most amazing feeling of comfort and peace. I know that I will be with my brother again.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is the most rewarding part of my life. As I learn more about Jesus Christ and His teachings, I find myself trying to be a better person. I notice that there are so many people around me that I can be a friend to and help carry their burdens. I am trying to be more like Christ in my attitude and personality towards others. I also live my faith by being involved in church activities. I try to make it to as many functions as I can. I am currently one of the leaders of my age group at church. I help plan and coordinate activities and service for the young men ages 16 to 18. We usually have activities on Wednesday nights where we do service for those in need, play sports, or do other activities.

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